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Eurocon is a consulting company that specializes in providing assistance to companies, institutions, and non-governmental organizations whose aim is to join research projects, establish an innovative environment, or/and obtain international or local funding. We have a wide range of experience in information and communication technologies and human resource management.

"Innovation and technological development have become major forces of the global economy. Companies are constantly challenged to join forces and set up advanced development projects in order to develop products and services with high added value."

Stanko Šalamon, director, Eurocon d.o.o.



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Providing full professional support for building fast broadband networks

  • Preparation of development strategies for the construction of open broadband networks for Slovenian municipalities 

  • Communication with local communities 

  • Participation in the preparation of project documentation 

  • Participation in the operational implementation of the construction of optical nodes 

  • Technical and substantive customer support 

  • Notifying customers in regards to their order.

Providing full professional support for building fast broadband networks

  • Inclusion of SMEs in the internationalization  program according to the business technology  bridge model (BTB) 

  • The central markets are India and Bavaria 

  • The key elements of internationalization are: 

    • Local business partners and direct mapping of technology / product / service to the  target market 

    • Market entry through pilot projects and  technological and business proof of concept

    • Preparation, management and implementation of pilot  projects 

    • Business expansion through commercialization of pilot projects in the target market 

Internationalization of small and medium sized companies

Internationalization of small and medium sized companies

  • Structuring and organizing operations such as development-innovation partnerships, EU consortia, competence centers, technology centers, technology parks, technology networks and clusters and centers of excellence 

  • Development of strategies, business plans, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analysis and preparation of legal bases for strategic cooperation at the national and international level 

  • Preparation and implementation of technological and business workshops and consultations 

Consulting and implementation of business and technology projects

Consulting and implementation of business and technology projects

  • Consulting on digital transformation of SMEs 

  • Preparation, management and implementation of  digitalization projects 

  • Conducting thematic workshops in the field of  digitalization 

  • Organization of the event on digitalization called Living bits and things 

Digitalization and digital transformation

Digitalization and digital transformation



Digitalization is not a goal, but a means which is even more true for digital technologies. Digital strategy is an important part of the companies business strategy, which relates to different areas of the company, from development, production, product function to logistic, sales, marketing and human resources. 

What is a digital strategy?

Digital strategy is a way to reach the business goals which are supported by digital technologies.


There are two main ways that digital technologies can bring added value:

  • Through savings, optimization and cost reduction,

  • Through increase of revenue.

Why digital strategy?

Today, all businesses have a digital strategy whether they know it or not; regardless of whether they have written it down. This simply means that every company is dealing with data, analysis, optimization and costumers. The use of digital tools and skills is different which also affects efficiency, competitiveness and productivity of companies. If you have implemented an effective digital strategy this will strengthen your position in the market.


With digital strategy: 

  • You can quickly and efficiently integrate your company into new value chains on the market,

  • Prove that you are a competitive and credible partner to your customers,

  • Adapt to changes faster.

What can you gain from digital strategy?

A 20-30 page operational document that includes the following results and impacts on the company: 

  • A consistent view on the key challenges and goals of digitalization over the period of the next 3-5 years,

  • A list of key digitalization activities as an action plan based on added value

  • Answers to your questions: Which staff to hire? What training, knowledge and skills to invest in? Which projects, improvements should be invested in, and to what extent? Which effects and results to measure?
    What is the process of preparing the strategy?

What is the process of preparing the strategy?

The whole process is planned for completion within 6 weeks in order to minimise the effect on regular working processes.

This is a four step process: situation analysis, joint workshops, preparation of a draft and final document, an ‘action plan’- presentation of the document to the employees.

Preparation of the document is managed and conducted by a team of consultants and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in implementing similar projects.


Seznanitev s procesom ter vpogled v ključne izzive podjetja po področjih in identifikacija področij digitalizacije (priložnosti).


Predstavitev digitalizacije, njenih prednosti in slabosti, primeri dobrih praks ter skupna obravnava identificiranih priložnosti.


Priprava osnutka digitalne strategije za podjetje na ključnih identificiranih področjih s kazalniki in osnutkom projektov.


Predstavitev končne verzije digitalne strategije, ki se jo objavi in obrazloži zaposlenim zaradi sprememb, ki jih prinaša.




GOŠO Slovenija

Gradnja odprtih širokopasovnih omrežij elektronskih komunikacij v občinah po Sloveniji, priprava projektne dokumentacije za občine, 2014-2020

GOŠO Hrvaška

Gradnja odprtih širokopasovnih omrežij v Medžimurski in Varaždinski županiji, svetovanje pri izvedbi postopkov in priprava projektne dokumentacije, 2014-2016

GOŠO Slovenija

priprava projektne dokumentacije in prijav za sofinanciranje, 2007 - 2013

Projekt SLO-AT, Promt-ICT

sofinanciran iz sredstev ESRR - partner na projektu, 2010-2011

»SEI - Service Enabled Infrastructure«

sofinanciran iz sredstev ESRR - priprava prijave in vodenje projektne pisarne 2006 - 2007

»Calibrate«, 6. Okvirni program EU

vodenje projektne pisarne, 2006


Materiali in tehnologije za nove aplikacije, sofinanciran s strani ESRR, priprava prijave in projektno vodenje, 2016-2019


Kompetenčni center odprta komunikacijska platforma za integracijo storitev, sofinanciran s strani ESRR, priprava prijave za sofinanciranje in projektno vodenje, 2010-2013

Zavod Tehnološka mreža ICT

vodenje zavoda in projektne pisarne od 2005 - 2018 

KKISS - konvergenčna komunikacijska infrastruktura za sodobne storitve

sofinanciran s strani ESRR, priprava prijave in projektno vodenje, 2008 - 2011

Center odličnosti ICT - CO ICT

priprava prijav za sofinanciranje in vodenje projektne pisarne za 6 RR projektov in investicijskega projekta v obdobju 2004 - 2007.


Eko Sistem Pametnega Mesta, sofinanciran s strani ESRR, priprava prijave in projektno vodenje, 2016-2019

Econyl, Povečanje predelave odpadkov v podjetju Julon d.d.

sofinanciran s strani MG, tuje neposredne investicije - priprava projektne dokumentacije in prijave, 2010

RC Jesenice

sofinanciran s strani ESRR, priprava projektne dokumentacije in projektno vodenje, 2011

RC IKT Kranj

sofinanciran s strani ESRR, priprava projektne dokumentacije in prijave, 2011

»eMapps«, 6. Okvirni program EU

vodenje projektne pisarne, 2006



Zahvaljujemo se vam za oddano povpraševanje. Kontaktirali vas bomo v najkrajšem možnem času.

EUROCON d.o.o.

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1210 Ljubljana - Šentvid




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